Resume Tips

The thought of writing a resume fills many people with dread. However, all you need is a plan that covers both lay out and content. The plan below should help you produce a resume that is easy to read and packed with facts employers want to know. Here are our top 5 tips:
1. Make an impression in 30 seconds
Did you know that it takes less than 30 seconds for a Hiring Manager to make a decision on your resume? So what are they actually looking for in those 30 seconds? To determine cultural fit and what makes you unique, Hiring Managers will look at your extra-curricular activities and also your achievements. Not including your achievements for each employer can be a huge disadvantage because it doesn’t tell the reader how you’re any different from any one else that is also doing your job or has done it before.
2. Contact details
Centre contact details at the top of the page. Include name, address, phone number, mobile and email. Make sure your name and phone/email contacts are on each page just in case the pages get separated after being printed out in hard copy. Only use professional-sounding email addresses. Emails used by couples or zany nicknames like evilpixie@ should be replaced. This is a marketing document promoting you so use some variation of your name.
3. Education, Qualifications and Skills
A quick, direct summary outlining valuable & key skills relevant to the role that you are applying for.
4. Career Overview
A Career Overview should provide the reader with a quick preview of what he or she will find in your resume. It is there to make sure they actually read through your resume. It should be a few sentences and written as one paragraph. It should include a summary of your professional, academic and industry training. Some personal attributes are optional. Your career goal could serve as the last sentence.
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